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Unexplained Reality

Jul 7, 2017

Tonight we have a special guest, he is a published author, paranormal investigator and a purveyor of all that is weird, unusual and unexplained! We are lucky to have him as a friend and supporter of our podcast. He has written a book titled 'Southern Swamps and Ruins Haunting Tails' along with Fran Rizer and a number of other authors. In our interview we will be talking about his book and various subjects of the unexplained. Richard's contact information and YouTube channel are listed below, as well as a link to where you can find his book on Amazon.


Richard's Email:

Southern Swamps and Ruins: Haunting Tales by Richard Laudenslager and Fran Rizer

Richard's YouTube Channel:

You can also find his EVP recordings and videos referred to during the interview at our podcast YouTube channel below.


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