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Unexplained Reality

Jun 29, 2017

Through the history of this country there have been many dark periods. Even though this period took place before we were an independent country, it was still a black eye in our history. The series of many events that made up the Salem Witch Trials shows you how ideas and false accusations can explode and snowball into catastrophic consequences. Many innocent people lost their lives for senseless accusations. The prejudices and untruths presented during the trials were horrendous. However, all generations following this dark period should have used it as a great example of how society can decay quickly on false accusations. Even today, we some of the same types of things going on that happened back in 1692. Prejudices and preconceived notions about certain people and then throw in personal disagreements and you could very easily come up with a similar situation to what we saw during these dark days in 1692.

Link to the book "Witches: The True Tale of Disaster in Salem" By Rosalyn Schanzer


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